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We didn't invent the turbocharger,
we just perfected it

"I am not designed to come second or third.
I am designed to win."

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Ayrton Senna


2014 marked the beginning of an idea for a company that could support enthusiasts in their pursuit for real performance. Unsatisfied with the level of performance and reliability offered by factory turbochargers and determined to find an alternative, our founder sought the help of a team that would be able make his vision a reality. Handpicking his team, he found an aerospace and industrial military supplies expert, and R&D team leader with a doctorate in material science and mechanical engineering to form a team to develop a turbochargers that no other companies could compete. The founding members found that their goals were the same. Demand nothing but produce only the highest quality products for the most discerning clientele.

Recently, the horsepower war has reached turning point for naturally aspirated engines due to several factors. Many people believed that the auto industry has reached a point in which carmakers cannot just continue to develop larger engines to produce more power. At this time, the founders and the rest of the industry turned to turbocharged engines. The performance output of forced induction when combined with ECU remapping is tremendous.

Today, turbocharged engines have become one of the most common applications to make power in the automotive industry. Smaller displacement engines can help to sustain the Earth better and still generate more power than naturally aspirated engines do. However, the necessity of more power still resides in us auto enthusiasts, but this desire is often limited by the durability and structure of the factory turbochargers. The team, each with a specialized set of skills and a shared goal with every auto enthusiast around the world, have stepped into the industry under the flag of Neo Büchi. At Neo Büchi, we would like to see the true potential of every turbocharger.

Turbocharging is no groundbreaking technology. In 1905, the inventor of turbochargers, Mr. Alfred Büchi, had patented this technological marvel that has been applied to thousands of vehicles since. Over a century later, Neo Büchi was established to discover the new possibilities of this technology. Our goal is not to reinvent the already brilliant mechanism but to perfect it. With modern technology, such as, 3D printing, CNC machineries, and applied material science, Neo Büchi is able to present to you currently the most exquisite, durable, and powerful turbochargers in the industry.

"Science is not only a disciple of reason but,
also, one of romance and passion."

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Stephen Hawking


"When love and skill work together,
expect a masterpiece."

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John Ruskin


Every authorized dealer of Neo Buchi product has undergone careful selection and inspection to ensure proper installation and knowledge on automobiles. All of our authorized dealers are extremely experienced in motorsports and they would be more than happy to assist you if you have any question regarding our product.

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